Annual report pursuant to Section 13 and 15(d)

Basis of Presentation

Basis of Presentation
12 Months Ended
Dec. 31, 2017
Basis of Presentation  
Basis of Presentation

(1) Basis of Presentation

During May 2014, the board of directors of Liberty Media Corporation and its subsidiaries (“Liberty”) authorized management to pursue a plan to spin-off to its stockholders common stock of a wholly-owned subsidiary, Liberty Broadband Corporation (“Liberty Broadband” or the “Company”), and to distribute subscription rights to acquire shares of Liberty Broadband’s common stock (the “Broadband Spin-Off”). At the time of the Broadband Spin-off, Liberty Broadband was comprised of (i) Liberty’s former interest in Charter Communications, Inc. (“Legacy Charter”), (ii) Liberty’s former wholly-owned subsidiary TruePosition, Inc. (“TruePosition”), (iii) Liberty’s former minority equity investment in Time Warner Cable, Inc. (“Time Warner Cable”), (iv) certain deferred tax liabilities, as well as liabilities related to the Time Warner Cable written call options and (v) initial indebtedness, pursuant to margin loans entered into prior to the completion of the Broadband Spin-Off. These financial statements refer to the combination of the aforementioned subsidiary, investments, and financial instruments, as “Liberty Broadband,” “the Company,” “us,” “we” and “our” in the notes to the consolidated financial statements. The Broadband Spin-Off was accounted for at historical cost due to the pro rata nature of the distribution to holders of Liberty common stock.

In the Broadband Spin-Off, record holders of Liberty Series A, Series B and Series C common stock received one-fourth of a share of the corresponding series of Liberty Broadband common stock for each share of Liberty common stock held by them, with cash paid in lieu of fractional shares. In addition, following the completion of the Broadband Spin-Off, on December 10, 2014, Liberty Broadband stockholders received a subscription right to acquire one share of Series C Liberty Broadband common stock for every five shares of Liberty Broadband common stock. See note 8 for additional information related to the rights offering.

Following the Broadband Spin-Off, Liberty and Liberty Broadband operate as separate, publicly traded companies, and neither has any stock ownership, beneficial or otherwise, in the other. In connection with the Broadband Spin-Off, Liberty (for accounting purposes a related party of the Company) and Liberty Broadband entered into certain agreements in order to govern certain of the ongoing relationships between the two companies after the Broadband Spin-Off and to provide for an orderly transition. These agreements include a reorganization agreement, a services agreement, a facilities sharing agreement and a tax sharing agreement.

The reorganization agreement provides for, among other things, the principal corporate transactions (including the internal restructuring) required to effect the Broadband Spin-Off, certain conditions to the Broadband Spin-Off and provisions governing the relationship between Liberty Broadband and Liberty with respect to and resulting from the Broadband Spin-Off. The tax sharing agreement provides for the allocation and indemnification of tax liabilities and benefits between Liberty and Liberty Broadband and other agreements related to tax matters. Pursuant to the tax sharing agreement, Liberty Broadband has agreed to indemnify Liberty, subject to certain limited exceptions, for losses and taxes resulting from the Broadband Spin-Off to the extent such losses or taxes result primarily from, individually or in the aggregate, the breach of certain restrictive covenants made by Liberty Broadband (applicable to actions or failures to act by Liberty Broadband and its subsidiaries following the completion of the Broadband Spin-Off). Pursuant to the services agreement, Liberty provides Liberty Broadband with general and administrative services including legal, tax, accounting, treasury and investor relations support. Under the facilities sharing agreement, Liberty Broadband shares office space with Liberty and related amenities at Liberty’s corporate headquarters. Liberty Broadband will reimburse Liberty for direct, out-of-pocket expenses incurred by Liberty in providing these services which will be negotiated semi-annually. Under these various agreements, approximately $3.2 million and $3.4 million were reimbursed to Liberty for the years ended December 31, 2017 and 2016, respectively. 

On May 18, 2016, Time Warner Cable merged with Charter (the “Time Warner Cable Merger”). In connection with the Time Warner Cable Merger, Legacy Charter underwent a corporate reorganization, resulting in CCH I, LLC (“Charter”), a former subsidiary of Charter, becoming the new publicly traded parent company. Also on May 18, 2016, the previously announced acquisition of Bright House Networks, LLC (“Bright House”) from Advance/Newhouse Partnership (“A/N”) by Charter (the “Bright House Transaction”) was completed. In connection with the Time Warner Cable Merger and Bright House Transaction, Liberty Broadband entered into certain agreements with Legacy Charter, Charter (for accounting purposes a related party of the Company), Liberty Interactive Corporation (“Liberty Interactive,” for accounting purposes a related party of the Company) and Time Warner Cable. As a result of the Time Warner Cable Merger and Bright House Transaction (collectively, the “Transactions”), Liberty Broadband exchanged its shares of Time Warner Cable for shares of Charter and purchased additional shares of Charter. As a result, and pursuant to proxy agreements entered into with Liberty Interactive and A/N, Liberty Broadband controls 25.01% of the aggregate voting power of Charter. See note 5 for additional detail regarding these transactions and corresponding agreements.

The accompanying consolidated financial statements have been prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles in the United States (“GAAP”) and represent a combination of the historical financial information of Skyhook, the Company’s interest in Charter, the Company’s former minority equity investment in Time Warner Cable and certain deferred tax liabilities.  All significant intercompany accounts and transactions have been eliminated in the consolidated financial statements.