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Description of Business

Description of Business
12 Months Ended
Dec. 31, 2018
Description of Business  
Description of Business

(2) Description of Business

Skyhook Holding, Inc. (formerly known as TruePosition) was originally incorporated on November 24, 1992 to provide technology for locating wireless phones and other mobile devices. TruePosition offered a passive network-based location system based on its patented U-TDOA technology (“U-TDOA Service”) to provide E-9-1-1 services domestically and to enhance services in support of commercial applications and national security law enforcement worldwide. In February 2014, TruePosition acquired 100% of the outstanding common shares of Skyhook Wireless, Inc., for approximately $57.5 million in cash. Skyhook Wireless, Inc. was an alternative location services provider that offered a positioning system that used device-based measurements, as opposed to TruePosition’s network-based technology.

In May 2016, TruePosition and Skyhook Wireless, Inc. combined operations in order to focus on the development and sale of Skyhook’s device-based location technology, and TruePosition subsequently changed its name to Skyhook Holding, Inc.  Skyhook Holding, Inc. and Skyhook Wireless, Inc. are referred to collectively herein as “Skyhook.”

Today, Skyhook markets and sells two primary products: (1) a location determination service called the Precision Location Solution; and (2) a location intelligence and data insights service called Geospatial Insights.

Skyhook’s Precision Location Solution works by collecting nearby radio signals (such as information from WiFi access points, cell towers, IP addresses and other radio beacons) that are observed by a mobile device. Skyhook’s Geospatial Insights product uses anonymized location data to analyze foot traffic patterns and better understand the real-world behavior of consumers. Skyhook’s revenue is derived from the sale and integration of its Precision Location Solution (including the licensing of software and data components that make up that solution) and the licensing of Geospatial Insights data. In addition, Skyhook earns revenue through entering into licensing agreements with companies to utilize its underlying intellectual property (including patents).

Charter is the second largest cable operator in the United States and a leading broadband communications services company providing video, Internet and voice services to residential and small and medium business customers. Charter also recently launched its Spectrum mobile service to residential customers. In addition, Charter sells video and online advertising inventory to local, regional and national advertising customers and fiber-delivered communications and managed information technology (“IT”) solutions to large enterprise customers. Charter also owns and operates regional sports networks and local sports, news and community channels. Charter’s core strategy is to use its network to deliver high quality products at highly competitive prices, combined with outstanding service.

Also included in Liberty Broadband is a former investment in outstanding shares of Time Warner Cable, which was classified as available-for-sale and carried at fair value based on quoted market prices until the second quarter of 2016 when Time Warner Cable merged with Charter. Additionally, the Company historically had written call options and a cashless collar agreement on Time Warner Cable shares. See note 4 for information regarding the Time Warner Cable written call options and cashless collar agreement.